Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wait a political posting?  On a gaming blog?.....

Well sorta, with the elections coming this November and the candidates starting their rounds we all need to ask ourselves, "How does this guy effect my life?".  SOPA and PIPA are on the back burner but they aren't gone and we need to ask how will this effect gaming in the future?

With today's access to video capture, sound recording, screen capture etc. made so simple, do we really want to be able to enjoy, and share information concerning games openly and publicly as we do now without the risk of lawsuits?  That's the risk they acts present, they could kill mediums like Youtube,, Ustream etc. by making it actionable for us to stream content.

I'm sure you may be thinking, "But it's free advertising for their games why would they?", but think of all the angry videos of people criticizing games you see....


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