Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MMO's are just like real life in many ways, one of the obvious is how the economy in games works.  If we lived in a reality where there was no limit to how much money is generated, yet there was a hierarchy on scarcity of the most desirable goods (Which is a Reality often) then you would see the same effect.  Prices would be outrageous for these items, and demand for more common items would dictate their value as well.  In Ultima Online it's not uncommon to find items for sale for huge sums of currency.

50 million and this isn't the most expensive you'll find.

Gold sinks are important but it's also important for a person to know how to acquire Gold, Credits, or Gil depending on the game as efficiently as possible.

For Ultima Online there are three superb ways.  Spawning, which will net you several 100,000 gold per trip not to mention scrolls that can sell for millions (if you are lucky).  Attending Shard events held by Event Moderators and hoping for something good as a reward that will be in limited quantity, and finally what is probably the easiest; IDOCing or waiting for houses of previous subscribers to collapse (deleted from the game).  When a house decays and goes "In Danger of Collapsing" the contents will be freely lootable by any and all who find them, there is no knowing what a person has collected over the years so with a little luck you might just get some high end items to sell.

Other games have different methods.  SWTOR for example running dailies at level 50 to feed credits for alts is an easy method.  You don't have to do all of the dailies, I recorded myself doing a portion of the Ilum dailies to show how quickly you can nab 50,000 credits.

Not bad for 18 minutes, though by far not the fastest way.  I continued on to do the Black Hole dailies and weekly with some guildmates on Corellia, once it was done I'd picked up about 135,000 credits.  There were still some missions available on Ilum, and plenty in the two areas on Belsavis for dailies so that number could have reached over 200,000 very easily.  Of course that's about 3 hours work.

Another way in SWTOR is to spend time with crafting missions.  I have plenty of materials that I'm not using, I've geared myself and I craft what I need for alts, but that doesn't mean I can't target specific high end materials for resale on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).  Items like Mandalorian Iron, and Krayt Dragon Pearls sell for a premium.

Take a few minutes to think about how you can best maximize your cash flow in games, it will make your experience much more enjoyable and easier.  But also remember there is nothing that says you need to be a billionaire to enjoy the game of your choice either.  Personally I don't keep any more than I need, typically I donate the majority of my surplus credits to my guild to improve everyone's gaming experience.

Well that's all for tonight, keep checking in as I'm never sure when I have time to post.

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