Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The first semester of my college life is complete.  I'm pleased with my grades and now I get some well earned time to play some of my favorite games.  That of course means I get to do a bit of news on them as well..

Publish 1.6 hit, and with all the fear mongering about Free To Play it hasn't been as bad as people thought it would be.  Of course there is still time for EA to screw the pooch as the saying goes by focusing too much on their "Cartel Market" and not enough on adding real content.  With the first digital expansion on the way in the form of "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" bringing us the planet Makeb we will get to see which direction the game heads.  Speaking of the expansion, I'm hearing a lot of people especially subscribers complain about the $10 early order deal.  You know I'd complain if it was $40 like many MMO's release under the name of expansion but ten bucks?  What are you complaining about?  How about all the doomsayers wait and see what we get for the $10 and if you don't like it, don't buy it, of course if you wait and decide you want it,  it will cost you $19.

The additional skill bars, and other perks like free respec for subscribers was nice, also many of the Cartel Shop items are outstanding, especially one's like the trainer Holo Statues.  Carrying one of these around really makes completing a planet faster, as you aren't constantly traveling back to the first zone to visit a class trainer.  Speeder Piloting 1 for Subs at lvl 15 was an additional perk, and it's dirt cheap now to boot, it's better to purchase it 5 lvls later than spend the 40k for the legacy unlock at level 10 in my opinion.  Also the new color crystals are nice as well for low level characters, having +41 endurance is an excellent boost for a lowbie.  My tip!  Don't buy them off the GTN, I've purchased several of these form other players on Fleet for 25-80k credits and saved verses the 150k+ credit prices on the GTN.  Just be patient.

Ultima Online
I'm not 100% on what's going on here, they have moved one of the servers to Amazon Web Hosting, if I'm not mistaken in a cloud based setup as well.  For some reason they decided to use the most populated server for this and it backfired.  They did what came out to almost a full month rollback on the server.  If this is the future, it's grim.  Never have I heard of this extent of damage control happening.  I remember the days of regular server crashes and 20 minute roll backs but several weeks?  Other than that the game is rolling along just as it has for the past 15 years!  Hats off to them for that.  Let's hope there are 15 more in it's life.

Well folks I'm once again out of time, I'll try to do some screen grabs from SWTOR and maybe a new video here soon.


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