Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I've said this before, but where's the new in new games?  It seems Hollywood isn't the only group running out of idea, we are seeing a constant rehashing of the same old same old in the gaming industry.   This isn't a new trend, series have been around for ages, Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter etc.  But there's another side to it.  EQ, EQII, WoW, LotRO, Rift, and countless other games are consistently rehashing the same old level and grind game model.  When are we going to see something new in terms of game play.  Is it that the technology isn't available or are companies trying to milk what's been a popular platform for everything it's worth.  I don't have the answer but I do have the desire to see something new.  I want to see more dynamic game play, a situation where one person can effect the game world.  There are tons of ways this could be done within the existing style of games people are playing.  Have a chance of you killing a raid boss trigger a counter attack by his minions on a town, make contagious diseases actually happen on purpose instead of as bugs.  Heck start the zombie apocalypse, speaking of zombie apocalypse that reminds me of something.  Many years ago EA introduced a new dungeon to Ultima Online called Kaldhun, one of the unique features of this dungeon was that if someone PK'ed another player a reverent was spawned that could only die when the person who did the PKing was killed.  Why can't we see a game that does something like this in the PvP areas?

It's an interesting idea for games like LotRO, where the PvMP area has spawn in addition to Monster Players and Regular characters patrolling the PvMP zone.  Wipe all the regular spawn and replace it with revenants, it would definitely make things more interesting.  Even in UO where the idea originated, wipe all spawn off the Felucca Facet (the only PvP area in the game) and have it slowly be populated by revenants.  The higher the population of revenants the obviously better certain players are at PvP.  They could even be coded to hold the same notoriety as the player they were based off of.  When a Blue or Innocent dies, a Blue Revenant spawns, it would only attack opposed notorioty players.   Eventually it would make PvP more difficult for the "Evil" people but it could also work against the PK Hunters, as evil notoriety revenants could be spawned as well.  This is the type of thing that would make playing a game more interesting if you ask me... what are your thoughts?

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