Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A person I work with recently mentioned they purchased a new Apple PC.  Considering the cost I can only assume it was a iMac.  At the price they quoted ($1700), I can only assume it is the model that comes with a 2.7ghz i5 processor, 4gb of RAM, 1TB HDD, and a Radeon 6770m with 512mb of dedicated video memory, as it was the only configuration I could find on the Apple site near that price ($1699). 

Frankly and much to their ire I told them they were ripped off.  Their usual arguments were "Apple doesn't get Virus, it won't even let me go to a threatening site!", "Mac OSX is better than Windows!", "Apple has better Hardware!".

All of these arguments are false, I tried to point out the history with Mac Defender, and how Apple was instructing their staff not to assist with infected systems, I tried to point out that OSX has proven less secure than Windows at multiple security conferences and sponsored hacking competitions in the past few years, and how for the cost, Apple PC's are greatly underpowered, when stacked against similarly priced PC's running Windows.  Granted I'm not the biggest fan of Windows either, but largely your choices are Mac OSX or Windows.  Sure you can get either, then wipe and install Linux but we're talking turn key out of the box here. 

So here's my advice for all of you out there pondering the purchase of a new PC. 

  1. Research - Not only the different options in OS, Hardware etc. but what you will be using the Computer for.  Gaming?  Go windows.  Web Surfing?  any OS is fine.  School?  I'd advise going with Windows again as some schools networks for online education do not work well with Macs.
  2. Browse -  Browse all your favorite Tech Stores, and when the guys that work there show up tell them to get lost, you've already done your research, not find a system you feel comfortable with.  They are there to make $$$ and will push products at the request of high profile manufacturers, because it nets them a better relationship and thus more $$$.
  3. Compare -  Find a PC you like, search for it not only in your local Stores but online before you dedicate to purchasing it.  Often you'll find a better deal elsewhere.  
  4. Protect -  I don't care if you are using Windows, Apple, or Linux get an Anti-virus.  They don't just protect against Virus' theses days, a quality AV program will also help block malware, and adware.
For the cost of a new iMAC I can build a PC running OSX as a "Hackintosh" (a PC running OSX) far cheaper than I can purchase one from the Apple store, with much better hardware specs.  This cost difference is especially true when you look at being able to pick up OSX for around $30 at your local Best Buy.  Granted you won't have support, but if OSX is so great why should you need it? In the event you do need it, there are copious amounts of support available a Google search way as it is.

And above all else, Steve Jobs isn't some divine being, Steve Jobs and Apple got rich stealing technology from the Open Source Community, integrating it, claiming patents, then suing and bullying any competing company that attempted to integrate similar technology into their platform.  That's it, that's all it's done for the most part, all of their most touted innovations were found in Open Source years prior to Apple incorporating it.


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