Friday, July 6, 2012

No gaming info in this one, just some humorous observations.

How to tell if you are a Lame Ass Poser in 10 easy steps

If you consider any of the following to be true about yourself you are probably a Lame Ass Poser
  1.  You drive a $600 car with $1200 Rims and a $1000 stereo system.
  2.  You pay an individual (not a rescue or shelter) $200 for a dog with a worse pedigree than your own.
  3.  You think a wall clock is a Fashion Accessory.
  4.  If it was 1974 the amount of gold in your teeth would have been illegal (in 1974 they lifted the ban on an individual owning more than $100 worth of gold).
  5.  You have a 30 inch waist but you buy 40 inch pants.
  6.  You can't pronounce the word "Ask" properly.
  7.  When you get upset with your Mother/Sister/Wife/Girlfriend, you think to yourself "Bitches be trippin'." phrased that way.
  8.  If you can't understand the difference between "De-Criminalized" and "Legalized".
  9.  If you think Food Stamps are a form of currency.
  10.  If you have more "Babby-Mamma's" or "Babby-Daddies" than you do teeth.
  11.  If you think an Honest Days Work involves making deals on a street corner.
  12.  If you actually think the people on Jersey Shore are "cool".
  13.  You've appeared on no less than 3 different Reality TV shows, preferably Dog the Bounty Hunter, Cops, and Operation Repo.
  14.  Viva La Raza is your battle cry.
  15.  You hold a pistol sideways because that's how it was laying in the box.
  16.  You actually enjoyed Twilight.
  17.  You've ever shown up on the News crying "They had no right!" after a family member was shot by police for pulling a gun on them.
  18.  You love to give speeches about politics but don't vote.
  19.  If you follow a Religion based on Love, Compassion, and Understanding but everyone else's Religion that is based on Love, Compassion and Understanding is wrong and they must be converted.
  20.  If you make more money working for a "Charity" than the charity spends doing actual charity work.
  21.  If you hold anyone and everyone else to a higher standard than you do yourself.
  22.  If you have ever uttered the phrase "This shit's legit".
  23.  If you actually try and emulate the life Hip Hop stars promote in their music, they don't live it why should you.
  24.  You've ever entered a contest that involves chicken wings and 40's.
  25.  You go to college for 4 years and can't spell the principle topic you studied.
Now I will say this there are Lame Ass Posers in every walk of life, and every ethnic group.  You see them around you all the time, and there are a few truths about them.

  1. Most wouldn't accept a hand up if it was offered, they'd consider improving themselves "Selling Out".
  2. The rest don't actually believe the bullshit they are promoting.
  3. Those few that don't are probably politicians.


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