Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yes once again it's been a bit since my last post; life has a way to creep in and disrupt all our plans.  College has started, and while I'm finding time to play my favorite games, writing about them is more difficult.  But here goes.

Ultima Online:  Recently celebrated it's 15th anniversary! The good folks over at Bioware-Mythic in Fairfax Virginia have resurrected one of the classic personages in the games fiction.  Lord Blackthorn is back from the seeming dead and had taken on the mantle of kingship of Britannia.  I'm not certain if this is a good or bad move, increasingly classic characters who have been brought back from parts unknown have had a short lifespan.  Most recently Dawn was killed off.  Is EA purposely killing off these characters in order to make a transition into a new game easier?  Ultima Forever is right around the corner so stay tuned.  I also have to wonder if this is the first step in gearing down this title in the franchise.  By killing off all the classic persona and tying up he lose ends they can insert any fiction they want.   Only time will tell.

SWTOR:  Updates 1.3 and 1.4 have hit, bringing some new Operations (Terror from Beyond), and a group finder and new gearing sets.   Bug unfortunately have popped up with these publishes, and thankfully they are working to squash them in each weeks maintenance patches.  Some balancing changes targeted at PvP were also introduced; unfortunately is seems conditional programming isn't taught to game developers because as always these changes effect PvE as well.  To be fair this is the case with every MMO I've played; you'd think by now I'd be used to it.

Diablo III:  The game is finally catching it's stride, many of the "issues" with the game have been corrected, and while you'll still be engaging in mindless repetition as you progress from Normal to Inferno difficulties chasing the Lords of Hell, you'll find item balancing has been tuned in, and drop rates altered to make good items readily available while not flooding the market with them.  Character class tweaks have been made and more are on the way as the trend is to play the Flavor of the Week.  With luck all classes will be balanced enough to be viable so player can simply play what they like, not what works best.

That's all I have time for at the moment, be sure to follow me on Google + as you'll get notified as new posts go up.

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