Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yea it's a stress test, but more than that it's a TEASE.  For all of you who know and love the older Diablo titles you'll be pleased to know that Diablo III feels like, well like a Diablo game.  That's a good thing, though there are a few changes from it's predecessors that players should take note of.  After playing this open beta weekend, with the Monk class let me take a moment and share a few findings (oh and will anyone hate me for thanking Blizzard for doing away with the NDA during betas?).

Skill Trees
Skill trees are gone!  Now you gain skills as you progress through levels.  You also are able to swap skills around without having to re-roll a character more on that below.

Less Key Binds

Yes you read that right, there are less key binds in place.  This is because skills work different in Diablo III.  Skills are set into categories, and as you level you unlock variations on those skills, but can only have 1 of each category active at a time.  The good news is you can swap between skills in a category any time you wish.

New Classes

The only class to be carried straight over from Diablo II was the Barbarian.  The new classes are the Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, and Wizard.   These new classes fill traditional roles with some new twists.  The Demon Hunter for example is a ranged weapon user, similar to the Amazon/Rogue from previous titles, yet they also take on similar roles as the Assassin from Diablo II with the use of tricks and traps.  Monks fills the Warrior/Paladin role, the Witch Doctor takes on some of the Druid/Necromancer type roles, while the Wizard take the place of the Sorcerer from previous titles.

There are a few things I miss though, as we should all remember Tristam was burnt to the ground during the events of Diablo II, and appears as ruins in Diablo III.  Instead, Diablo III starts off in the town of "New Tristam", where there are no familiar faces left.  Gone are familiar citizens, such as Griswold, and Wirt as they both died in Diablo II (Griswold became a Zombie).  In this game we find that Adria has pass away as well, though her daughter Leah will be (it appears anyways) a factor in the new game.   Deckard Cain is present as always, which begs the question "What is this crazy old man drinking?" in order to stay alive so long?

All in all though Diablo III is looking like it will be a polished worthy addition to the Diablo franchise.


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