Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've come to realize I'm moving into the "Casual" category of game over time.  To me it's not a big issue,  I pay my subs play when I want as much as I want and that's that.  But for many folks it's not that simple.  These folks look at casual players as a threat to their gaming experience and I do understand why, even though their arguments don't really hold up.

 Here's my Top Argument from Non-Casuals.

Developers pander to the Casuals making things too easy, by dumbing down the game!

 This argument is claiming that challenge is removed (Gear progressions, Skill Nerfs etc.) so Casuals can keep up.  Trust me the casuals don't care, they want to just do their thing, when they want.  Are developers catering to casuals?  Sorta, they do dial back some thing especially on the PvP side so casuals aren't at such a disadvantage.  But I'd consider it a fair trade off considering PvP is a sport of hunting people, you know illegal pretty much everywhere outside the virtual realms.

Let me clue you guys in on something,  my $14.99 carries equal weight as yours, it has the same impression on the share holders report.  Now granted I do feel if you spend 500 hours a month playing you deserve something.  I'm not sure if that's a special item in game or a "I love me Jacket", but you do deserve something.  What I don't believe is that your 500 hours a month entitles you to anything that gives you an edge in any type of game play.  I know gear progressions is a factor in Theme park games, I get it, but if it takes me 4 months to do what you do in 2 weeks?  How often do you think expansions happen?, new high level content?  It's quite possible before new content comes out a casual will catch up to you in terms of equipment anyways.

In the end all these games are nothing.  They aren't important, they aren't real, they aren't life or death for any of us.  What they are meant to be is entertainment, nothing more or less.  If you can't enjoy a title look for another one, there are plenty out there.

 In all honesty I really do wish there were more Sandbox games out there, there is little challenge to any Theme park game.  Everything is rinse and repeat, while in a Sandbox it's up to the creativity of the player to make the game really "Go!".   With a good Sandbox environment and some creative players, you can wind up with a great game.  Look at Ultima Online, for all it's faults it's still kicking almost 15 years after launch, and why?  Because players make the game what it is, for better or worse it truly is a sum of it's parts.

That's all for tonight, I hope to write more in the next couple of days. 

See you then.


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