Friday, April 13, 2012

For those of you playing SWTOR, you probably, like myself received an E-mail from Bioware letting you know you'll be receiving 30 days of free game time, as well as an in game pet. As long as you meet certain criteria.

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So what does this mean?  Well for those of us who have been paying our reoccurring fees even though we may find some fault in the game, we're getting rewarded.  EA (yes the same EA Consumerist declared "Worst Company in America") is obviously trying to bolster their image a bit and are giving everyone who meets the criteria a little perk for sticking with SWTOR as it goes through it's growing pains.

Why is this good news?  Well first off it shows EA/Bioware actually cares about the success of SW:TOR and are willing to do what they can to please the consumer base.  If you don't believe me think of how much money is being lost for that 1 month.  The latest figures on subscriptions had it around 1.7 million, even with some atrophy it's launch in new markets would keep that number close to if not stable, if not an increase.  So do the math.  $14.99 x 1,500,000 = $22,485,000.   Now add in the pets they are giving out, the Little Tauntan rams.  Blizzard sells non-mount pets for about $10, so go ahead and add another $15,000,000 in potential earnings via micro-transactions to the total (if 1.5 million people coughed up $10 for one) for a possible loss of $37,485,000.  Not a small sum by any measure.

Patch 1.2 didn't go off without a hitch though and emergency maintenance was necessary with the servers being brought back down for hours, so guess what we're all getting 1 day worth of game time credit to compensate.  That alone equates to $749,500 in revenue!  I'm glad to see the folks at EA/Bioware doing whats right for the company and not just what's right for their earnings report.

With that I'll say adieu until next time.


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