Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ok well patch 1.2 is coming Thursday, and I'm happy to see it.  Not only is it going to remove some of the restrictions that made no sense (non-tradable crafting materials anyone), but a lot of work is going into balancing the game.  Best of all, at least in my opinion is the Legacy System that is being introduced.

Before we get to that let me copy/paste the massive patch notes below, or read them here.  These notes are copied directly from the Bioware SWTOR Site so please by all means acknowledge this as their work and as is mentioned this info is still subject to change between now and April 12th.

» The Patch Notes are Massive. Click Here to Read, Click Here Again to Hide... «

Now on to the good part, my opinions.  SW:TOR has suffered, not from as many believe being an unfinished game but more so at the hands of impatient, demanding, and egocentric subscribers who have a poor concept of MMO evolution.  They expected a game that would be as feature and content rich as SWG, or WoW right out of the box from day one.  To these people I say this, "Please stop playing MMO's, you don't understand the concept of a persistent evolving game world.".  Seriously I mean it cancel your sub, get off my interwebs, and quick clogging the forums with your endless whining.  You simply do not deserve to be heard by the developers working on this title or any other for that matter.  Your poor understanding of MMO development, mindless drivel, and 3rd grade reading ability, combined with the unfortunate knowledge of how to click "Post" on a forum has lowered the communal IQ by 25 points.  It took hominids 1.7 million years to go from mastering fire to developing a tool that took them from scavengers to the top spot on the food chain (the Atlatl).  Please quit trying to stupidify us back to living in caves.

So that may not be what you consider a "Good Part", though it did make me feel good... So here's some more opinions.  I like the concept of the Legacy System, it binds all your characters into one family and lets you get benefits from actually playing the game beyond simply credits, skills, and equipment.  It introduces a new element into MMO's where being a player is more evolved.  This system will remove one of the major gripes found in many MMO's, Class/Race restrictions for starters, it brings another element of freedom virtually no other game has.  Also going away is the Cross Faction mailing restriction something I will be looking forward to as this allows me to fully utilize my crafters.

Also 1.2 will bring us UI customization, while I am looking forward to this, I would love for player Skinning to be introduced in the future as we are still stuck with the stock UI.  At least now we can re-arrange it as we see fit and have a more traditional MMO layout we can pick as our default. We are also seeing the return of Unifying Colors, a feature removed late in the beta testing much to the disappointment of the testers.  This will allow you to have all your gear match the chest piece you are wearing, or specific pieces as you choose.

The New content is pretty good with a new Warzone, more daily mssions, and other goodies thrown in, it should help the "lack of content" whiners calm down a bit (Seriously folks with all the classes there is tons of content enjoy it!).  The big losers in this content update are the Open PvP fanboys, Ilum is still Ilum and not likely to change in the near future.

Class changes are looking pretty good as well, currently there is an over abundance of some classes and the alterations to skill trees and skills may make other classes more appealing to some players, as well as some of the lesser used skill trees.  Be sure to spend some time checking out these changes, there is no shame in re-specing.

That's all for now folks, I'll be posting more on 1.2 this weekend once I get some hands on with the Live version of it, and hopefully I'll have some video for you as well.


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